Maker Spotlight: Introducing Scarves for Justice by Louzilla Lovegood

Guest Post Spotlight: Scarves for Justice

This guest post first appeared on Louzilla Lovegood Letters. This maker is turning despair into action by creating Scarves for Justice to sell, and donating the proceeds to social justice causes!

When America elected Trump as president, I knew I had to take action to protect the marginalized groups he’s repeatedly promised to disenfranchise.

I also have a yarn stash that’s accumulated over the years from gifts, unfinished projects, and unstarted projects.

So I’m crocheting my way through my yarn stash for a good cause. I spent a large part of November making scarves that I’m now selling on Etsy. 100% of the proceeds from every scarf I sell will go to an organization that fights to protect our civil liberties. I am not making any profit off this.

Blue and white crochet scarf by Louzilla Lovegood

When you buy a scarf from my Etsy shop, include a note letting me know which organization you’d like the money to go to. If you don’t, I’ll choose for you, on a rotating basis.

Protect your neck and protect civil liberties at the same time.

I’m partnered with this current list of organizations, which should grow as I hear back from more of them:

Raging Chicken Press
Women’s Law Project
Thomas Merton Center

Visit Louzilla Lovegood on Etsy


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